Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues

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Christine Pascal, Dr Mine Conkbayir
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Having a good grasp of the theories of child development and how these translate into practice can make a positive difference to how you understand babies and children and the ways in which you can help them learn. This approachable guide offers easy access to a wide range of concepts, as well as classic and current theories, about how babies and children learn. Each chapter offers clear guidance on how to recognise the theory in action and suggests ways to test these ideas out in early years settings, supporting the development of reflective practice. Case studies are included throughout, along with questions to guide thinking and encourage readers to develop their practice. Summaries conclude each chapter offering a quick reference of the theory examined and the benefits of applying it to practice. Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues is an essential guide for all those looking to develop and enhance their practice in supporting child development within the early years.

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In addition, a theory is often based on general principles that are independent of what is being explained ... Early Childhood Programs continue to base their programming on these theories as they see the children learn according to these patterns. Effects of TV, Movies and Video Games on Children's Play Research shows a relationship between viewing violent media (TV, movies, cartoons and video games) and violent behaviour in children. Behavioral theories of child development focus on how environmental interaction influences behavior and is based on the theories of theorists such as John B.