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Stephanie Tyler
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THIS IS SECTION 8.A cabal of operatives with dangerous pasts teams up to work black ops missions. Their weapon: deception. Can they help one of their own before he goes too far?When Gunner agreed to help Section 8, he didn’t realize he’d be pulled back into the shadowy world he thought he’d escaped forever. The son of double agents, he was initiated at a young age into the cold world of espionage when his father forced him to work for international smuggler Drew Landon. And when Gunner’s past with Landon threatens the other mercenaries, and, most important, Avery, he makes an impossible choice…and disappears.Avery’s not willing to give up on Gunner. The attraction between them has been there from the start, and she rallies Section 8 to help him. She knows there’s only one way to keep Gunner safe: fake his death and take him off the grid. But when she finally locates him, Gunner is a changed man, harder, more desperate, and on the edge of self-destruction. And only Avery can find a way to free him from Landon—and from the demons of his past—before it’s too late.

If you have children, feel free to skip the next three paragraphs, but if you don't please read on. My little Mika is a handful and always has been.

Able to withstand an attempt to break. You're unbreakable No one can make you bend, you won't fold No one can take your shine, you're all gold When you're standing tall You're unbreakable Step out of the dark into better light And carry your scars like a badge of pride You've come so far You know who you are All this time you've had the will inside To stand your ground the day that ... "Economic losses from natural disasters totaled $92 billion in 2015." Such statements, all too commonplace, assess the severity of disasters by no other measure than the damage inflicted on buildings, infrastructure, and agricultural production. But $1 in losses does not mean the same thing to a ... Shield Wall also grants 50% of its effect to all party members.