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George Ivanoff
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YOU CHOOSE . . . Wealth beyond your wildest dreams or deadly pirate's curse! You find an old map while holidaying in a secluded seaside town. It is said to have belonged to the fiercest pirate of them all - One-Eyed William, who was buried with his treasure. Could it be real, or is it someone's idea of a joke? You set off to follow the map to find out . . . Will you uncover the treasure of Dead Man's Cove, or will you be destined for doom? WINNER, Young Australian Best Books Award (YABBA) - Younger Readers category, 2015

The 'Stand by me' event ended up becoming the talking point of every conversation because of ... "My Ambitious Girlfriend: Romance You Choose" You can enjoy this game until the end for free! You are the protagonist of your story! Enjoy romantic situations with three beautiful girls! Synopsis The lucky recipient of a scholarship to one of the most distinguished and high-class schools, you have the opportunity to study with celebrity students. But what they can't know about is your poor ... You Choose, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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