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Peter Purves is the actor, presenter and talented director who first shot to fame appearing with William Hartnell in 44 episodes of Doctor Who playing his companion Steven Taylor. His varied career is perhaps most well remembered for his 10 year stint as part of the Blue Peter "Dream Team" with Valerie Singleton and John Noakes. Most people have a specific memory of this golden age of british television amongst them the infamous 'Lulu the elephant' scene and Peter's early partnership with Petra who was immortalised in the Blue Peter garden. Following his departure from Blue Peter he famously presented another kids favourite Kickstart and Junior Kickstart which became cult summer holiday TV. Peter is also well known for his association with Crufts. He first began presenting coverage for the BBC in 1976 and has been closely associated with it for over 30 years. Peter Purves - My Autobiography is a look back at Peter's career and fascinating life and is a celebration of one of Britain's best loved presenters.

The now well-known melody was first printed by William Chappell in his publication National English Airs ... Here?s One I Wrote Earlier - Year 4: Instant Resources for Modelled and Shared Writing (Teaching Resources Series) Howell, Gill. ISBN 10: 1903300258 ISBN 13: 9781903300251.

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