Creating Values in Life

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Unfortunately, very few people these days talk about real values in life. What we stand for in life, and are we living up to these values are worth pondering. Are our aspirations in tune with the real purpose of life? It is the values that remind us often what to aspire in life.Most people value life and its achievements from the perspective of wealth and richness, but do not recognize trust, honesty, and contentment as forward looking attributes that help in overall satisfaction. Giving importance to external growth leaving behind inner development often leads to unbalance in life devoid of overall satisfaction. Much of the troubles in this world are that true values of life have narrowed down, skewed, ignored and misunderstood.This book deliberates different aspects of life in terms of personal, moral, spiritual, family and social values and how these can enrich life and fill its purpose. A wide range of topics include How to live an easier life; Thoughts on simplifying life; Virtues of Integrity; Mistakes we generally make; Control on impulsive mind; Being Successful in life; Benefits from silence; Communication with inner self; Creating love for others; How to think positive; How moral values get reinforced; Belief in natural justice; What is spirituality; Understanding self; How to find God; What does death mean to us; Good family values; Being part of whole universe; Universal brotherhood; Towards developing good values.Attempt has been made to describe large issues that are outcome of misdirected value system, and how best a person can move ahead in life by focusing on core values. The idea of writing this book is to facilitate readers to pause and think about what they aspire, and are these aspirations in tandem with broad purpose in life.

Then order this by importance by comparing two values by asking: „Which one is more important to me if I had could only have one and had to compromise the second ... The value statement was, "We recognize that work life is an important but single component of a larger picture of life responsibilities, obligations, goals, and interests. Our employees are ... The Soka ("value-creating") school system grows out of the educational philosophy developed by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944), a reformist educator and the founding president of the Soka Gakkai.

Expect to find between five to nine values that will become more fixed as you manage your personal values development over time. When you write out your alternative values, be specific enough that you can be clear with yourself on what would or would not exemplify that value. The key to creating value in your business is to be of service.