Tikanga Maori (Revised Edition)

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Hirini Mead
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Tikanga M?ori is the authoritative and accessible introduction to understanding the correct M?ori ways of doing things as they were done in the past, as they are done in the present - and as they may yet be. In this revised edition, Hirini Mead has added an extensive new chapter on mana whenua, mana moana, M?ori authority over land and ocean, and the different interpretations and applications of mana whenua and mana moana historically and today. Hirini Mead has also updated the section on tangihanga to include contemporary issues about cremation choices and what happens to the deceased in M?ori/non-M?ori partnerships where there are disputes about following tangi tikanga or P?keh? traditions. The remainder of the book explores how tikanga M?ori may influence contemporary life and society, and Hirini Mead proposes guidelines to help us test appropriate responses to challenges that may yet be laid down.

The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9781775503200, 1775503208. Tikanga can be described as general behaviour guidelines for daily life and interaction in Māori culture. Tikanga is commonly based on experience and learning that has been handed down through generations.

It is based on logic and common sense associated with a Māori world view. whakahaere tikanga Play. 1.