Parenting Right From the Start

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Vanessa Lapointe, Shefali Tsabary (Foreword by)
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Practical - Practical, hopeful, inspiring, and compassionate, this is not a soft or fluffy parenting book. It is solidly based in the science of child brain development and recent advances in psychology but with a compassionate heart. This book does not seek to shame nor blame, but to give parents the tools to create a deep and abiding connection with their child in these all-important early years-an immediate value proposition for book buyers. It also delivers the deeper, lasting value of the psycho-social underpinnings of Dr. Lapointe's philosophy. An evergreen category - New parents will always need advice, and at no time is this especially true than during these all important, crucial early years. Dr. Lapointe regularly counsels parents whose children already have issues that need addressing by the ages of three and four. The author - As an authority on the subject, Dr. Lapointe is asked to speak frequently in her public speaking events. Friendly, promotable, and relatable while always in complete control of her subject matter, Dr. Lapointe will make herself available to the media and at events to be an engine of her own publicity. She is a natural storyteller who draws on her own personal experience as a mother and those of her clients to engage readers and audiences and get her points across. A unique angle - There are many parenting books that dispense practical advice, but parents struggle to implement it when their own unexamined attitudes or psychological issues get in the way. Parenting Right From the Start addresses a parent's feelings, fears, and needs as well as those of their child, freeing them from the burden of their own less-than-healthy childhood experiences so that they can truly support their child's optimal development from day one.

Lapointe advises new parents how to put their child on a path to optimal development during the crucial early years. The baby and toddler years are the most important period for any child's emotional ... Parenting Right From the Start with Dr Vanessa Lapointe (Melbourne VIC)- CANCELLED.

Lapointe helps parents to understand how mindful and conscious parenting can help them to avoid passing unhealthy patterns down from one generation to the next. Rooted in compassion and understanding, Parenting Right From the Start shows parents how to build a firm, caring presence in the early years that a child can lean into for a lifetime. Dr.