Dead Lies Dreaming

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Charles Stross
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In a world where magic has gone mainstream, a policewoman and a group of petty criminals are pulled into a heist to find a forbidden book of spells that should never be opened. **A new adventure begins in the world of the Laundry Files. Dead Lies Dreaming presents a nightmarish vision of a Britain 'under New Management', sliding unknowingly towards occult cataclysm . . .** 'Brilliantly disturbing and funny at the same time' Ben Aaronovitch, on the Laundry Files 'Stross at the top of his game - which is to say, few do it better' Kirkus 'Ferociously enjoyable' SFX Laundry Files series: THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES THE JENNIFER MORGUE THE FULLER MEMORANDUM THE APOCALYPSE CODEX THE RHESUS CHART THE ANNIHILATION SCORE THE NIGHTMARE STACKS THE DELIRIUM BRIEF THE LABYRINTH INDEX The Laundry Files: Under New Management DEAD LIES DREAMING

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Charles Stross. Charles Stross is a full-time science fiction writer and resident of Edinburgh, Scotland.