Fugitive (Jack Lark, Book 9)

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Paul Fraser Collard
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In this ninth action-packed Victorian military adventure, Paul Fraser Collard's roguish hero Jack Lark - soldier, leader, imposter - crosses borders once more as he pursues a brand-new adventure in Africa. After five years away, Jack Lark - soldier, leader, imposter - is once more called to fight . . .London, 1868. Jack has traded the battlefield for business, running a thriving club in the backstreets of Whitechapel. But this underworld has rules and when Jack refuses to comply, he finds himself up against the East End's most formidable criminal - with devastating consequences.A wanted man, Jack turns to his friend Macgregor, an ex-officer, treasure hunter and his ticket out of England. Together they join the British army on campaign across the tablelands of Abyssinia to the fortress of Magdala, a high-stakes mission to free British prisoners captured by the notorious Emperor Tewodros.But life on the run can turn dangerous, especially in a land ravaged by war . . .Praise for the Jack Lark series:'Brilliant' Bernard Cornwell'Enthralling' The Times 'Dusty deserts, showdowns under the blistering sun, bloodthirsty bandoleros, rough whisky and rougher men. Bullets fly, emotions run high and treachery abounds in The Lost Outlaw ... an exceptionally entertaining historical action adventure' Matthew Harffy'I love a writer who wears his history lightly enough for the story he's telling to blaze across the pages like this. Jack Lark is an unforgettable new hero' Anthony Riches'You feel and experience all the emotions and the blood, sweat and tears that Jack does... I devoured it in one sitting' Parmenion Books'Expect ferocious, bloody action from the first page. Fast-paced, compelling, and with more villains than a Clint Eastwood classic, this unputdownable novel strongly reminded me of that legend of western writers, Louis L'Amour. A cracking read!' Ben Kane

$13.99 / £13.99 Buy Now! Read A Sample See The Reviews See The Full Series. Publisher: Headline; Narrator: Dudley Hinton; Available in: Kindle, eBook, Audiobook, Hardcopy; Published: August 20, 2020 'Like all the best vintages Jack Lark has aged to perfection.

London, 1868. For five years, Jack Lark has run a thriving club in the backstreets of Whitechapel.