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Susan Jane White
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Do you want to eat badass nourishing meals, but don't want to cook every single night? Do you want to reduce the honking 6 p.m. stress in your home? Do you want to spend less time and money shopping for arcane ingredients? Then get ready to discover the genius of batch cooking. Susan Jane White's brilliant new book shows you how to eat well all week while respecting your time, money and patience. Learn to create meals that will sit in your fridge, hang out on your shelves or wait patiently in your freezer, giving you much more return on your kitchen investment. So you can say yes to that bike ride with the kids or stay late at work to finish that report, because you took Three-Bean Chilli and Salted Coffee Caramels out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Clever batch. 'Susan Jane White is a delicious cross between Mary Poppins and Marie Kondo. She's going to sort out your time management with magic and style.' Melissa Hemsley

Susan Jane White's brilliant new book sho Read Jamie Oliver's freeze friendly batch cooking recipes and tips, prepare ahead and reduce waste with these ideas created with family in mind. Clever Batch 2019. Clever Batch.

The curries and stews are vegan. Only 4 of the desserts are not vegan.