Up All Day

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Rebecca Weller
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One woman's journey to finish what she started...In her bestselling memoir, A Happier Hour, Rebecca Weller shared her story of embracing an alcohol-free life with a steely determination to reach her true potential.But as she celebrates her second year of sobriety, she’s challenged to determine what that really means.Deep down, in a part of her that she thought she'd grown out of, Rebecca had always dreamt of becoming an Author someday.With hangovers no longer holding her back - with eyes wide open and nowhere to hide - can she find the courage to confront her secret lifelong dream?She’s about to discover that her hard-won sober status will only take her so far. What comes next is up to her.Up All Day is an uplifting story for anyone who has ever had to conquer themselves in order to conquer their dreams. Because it turns out the biggest battle we’ll ever face in reaching our creative potential, is the one that takes place inside of all of us.

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