Intimate Communion

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David Deida
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To truly understand your intimate relationships, you must read this book! David Deida, internationally known for his work in personal growth and intimate relationships, shares the deep understandings and effective techniques that he has refined through his 20 years of consultation, research and spiritual practice. Learn how to keep your relationships growing--beyond the sexually neutralized roles so typical of today--and create a relationship that is spiritually erotic, sexually deep and passionately committed to love.

This is a book for both women and men, on what I would call conscious coupling or conscious intimacy, i.e. an evolved way of relating/relationships in which our intrinsic dominant sexual energies are fully expressed and supported within the ... David Deida's whole outlook is that our ultimate goal in our relationships is to get past the 50/50 or dependence to what he calls intimate communion which is more or less embodying love on all levels. Booktopia has Intimate Communion : Awakening Your Sexual Essence, Awakening Your Sexual Essence by DEIDA DAVID.

Being a part of the precious reliques, written with her own hand. Stiled by her, The Record of my Consolations, and the Meditations of my Heart.