Hostage to Fortune

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Sarah Hawkswood
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'Hawkswood's elegant prose will keep you turning the pages. Her ability to bring even the most minor characters to life in a credible and well-researched setting gives this story a must-read quality.' Crime Review January 1144. Hugh Bradecote does not want his betrothed heading off on pilgrimage to the shrine of St Edgyth at Polesworth, but the Archbishop of Canterbury's envoy and his entourage of monks seem Heaven sent as escorts, right up until they are captured by a renegade who wants his forger out of the lord sheriff's cells; a renegade who loathes the Benedictines, and kills for pleasure. Against a backdrop of a hard winter and even a frozen River Severn, Bradecote and Catchpoll are struggling to rescue the clerics, and Christina, before a psychopath does his worst, the lord sheriff loses patience, and Bradecote cracks under the pressure. The fourth instalment in the Bradecote and Catchpoll series.

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Charles had already made himself a hostage to fortune by declaring that 30 was a suitable age to settle down. The proposals were regarded by some as a dangerous hostage to fortune. hostage to fortune The details of prospective reform were not fleshed out, but the dramatic language used created a hostage to fortune.