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Danie Couchman
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Danie Couchman grew up on the move, her family never staying still long enough for her to say where she’s from. At twenty-five, and living in her seventeenth home, she finds herself drowning in the rush of London life, and makes an impulsive decision: to buy a narrowboat and make it her home. Surrounded by an eclectic and itinerant community in the uncharted territory of the capital’s urban wilderness, Danie becomes fully immersed in this hidden world. Each day onboard her boat Genesis is an adventure full of disaster and magic. Over five years of living off-grid, nomadic Danie learns to survive the many highs and lows of boat life alone, keeping herself, and her steel home, afloat. A captivating debut, Afloat is the story of a young woman’s desire to escape an ever more isolated city existence and reconnect with nature, discovering what is important in life.

Transforming defense supply-support processes on strategic submarines: improving operational availability and reducing costs 1. adverb [usually ADVERB after verb, oft v-link ADV, noun ADVERB] If someone or something is afloat, they remain partly above the surface of water and do not sink.

New boating technology is ditched 5th March 2007 News From the Archive. New fangled technology designed to give a winning edge in last year's Commodore's Cup has gone overboard in Cork this season in favour of aconventional method that is already producing results.Following a debut season of mixed performances on the 37-footer ... The all new Bavaria 37 Hardtop reviewed in this months edition of Afloat offers an excellent standard specification, electric sunroof and opening side windows.