A Pedagogy of Faith

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Dr Irwin Leopando
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This is the first book-length study in English to investigate Freire's landmark educational theory and practice through the lens of his lifelong Catholicism. A Pedagogy of Faith explores this often-overlooked dimension of one of the most globally prominent and influential educational thinkers of the past fifty years. Leopando illustrates how vibrant currents within twentieth-century Catholic theology shaped central areas of Freire's thought and activism, especially his view of education as a process of human formation in light of the divinely-endowed "vocation" of persons to shape culture, society, and history. With the contemporary resurgence of authoritarian political and cultural forces throughout much of the world, Freire's theologically-grounded affirmation of radical democracy, social justice, historical possibility, and the absolute dignity of the human person remains as vital and relevant as ever.

In addition, the tenets of andragogy, including its linkages to transformative education... Question: "What is pedagogy?". Answer: Pedagogy is the discipline of study related to the field of education and teaching methods.

Faith integration essay for rank promotion. Indiana Wesleyan University, 2017.