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Solli Raphael
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Limelight is a unique collection of slam poetry paired with inspirational writing techniques. With over 30 original poems in different forms, the book features the viral video sensation 'Australian Air', which has been viewed 3.5 million times via Facebook. Solli's work tackles current social concerns for his generation, such as sustainability and social equality, all the while amplifying his uplifting message of hope.The book includes several introductory chapters looking at traditional poetry forms and slam poetry, as well as tips on developing writing ideas and performing. Filled with his own experiences of creating poetry and speaking in public, such as Solli's top 10 ways to manage writer's block, this book engages kids on their level and encourages them to speak up for a better future of their own.As a voice of his generation, and at a time when the synthesis of youth movements worldwide holds much importance, this extraordinary book showcases creativity and the power of social consciousness.

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