The Last Dingo Summer (The Matilda Saga, #8)

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Jackie French
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'GRIPPING, EMOTIONAL AND MOVING'-- New Idea on Facing the Flame (The Matilda Saga, Book 7)A killer lurks behind the kindness of the Gibber's Creek community. Under the burnt timber of the church, the police have found the body of Merv Ignatious, the man who so viciously attacked Jed Kelly when she was fifteen, and tried to kill her and her unborn child in last year's bushfire.And also in the church lie skeletons from many years ago.Newcomer Fish Johnstone refuses to believe Jed Kelly's husband, Sam McAlpine, killed Merv to save his wife and child, as the police suspect. Nor could heavily pregnant Jed have killed him nor Scarlett, who is now at last managing to leave her wheelchair to walk a few steps.But Fish must also face her own mystery -- a father who recently appeared as a Vietnamese 'boat person' refugee, but has vanished once again.As the last dingo howls on the hills above the river, Fish finds that Gibber's Creek has many secrets. And some of them are deadly.Set in the late 1970s, this haunting story shows how love and kindness can create the courage to face the past. PRAISE FOR THE MATILDA SAGA'The perfect read for anyone who loves immersing themselves in Australian fiction. Gripping, emotional and moving, Facing the Flame is a great book to curl up with on a warm spring night.' -- New Idea'Highly recommended ... this was a complete binge, read in one night because it was just too good and too gripping to put down ... a cracking story filled with rich characters both old and new and imbued with all that we hold dear about Australian love of country and mateship' -- ReadPlus'An entertaining and fascinating read that accurately captures the feel of the early 1970s' -- Canberra Weekly

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