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Jen Elcheson, Artemisia, Yenn Purkis, Barb Cook (Editor), Michelle Garnett (Editor)
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Barb Cook and 14 other autistic women describe life from a female autistic perspective, and present empowering, helpful and supportive insights from their personal experience for fellow autistic women. Michelle Garnett's comments validate and expand the experiences described from a clinician's perspective, and provide extensive recommendations. Autistic advocates including Liane Holliday Willey, Anita Lesko, Jeanette Purkis, Artemisia and Samantha Craft offer their personal guidance on significant issues that particularly affect women, as well as those that are more general to autism. Contributors cover issues including growing up, identity, diversity, parenting, independence and self-care amongst many others. With great contributions from exceptional women, this is a truly well-rounded collection of knowledge and sage advice for any woman with autism.

Randwick Silver Street 02 9197 8000 ... Spectrum Women Magazine | 171 followers on LinkedIn. Spectrum Women is an online magazine and community dedicated to women who are uniquely different.

Dennis Idowu and Dr. Sarah Yama -- Anne Skov Jensen, autism advocate, public speaker and a proud spectrum sister Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism is so much more than the average book about autism; it is a collection of works that addresses a significant gap in the publishing world.