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Peter Rees
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'You were the master of the were an airman.' Flying Officer Bob Crawford Len Waters was a Kamilaroi man. Born on an Aboriginal reserve, he left school at thirteen and by twenty was piloting a RAAF Kittyhawk fighter with 78 Squadron in the lethal skies over the Pacific in World War II. It was serious and dangerous work and his achievement was extraordinary. These would be the best years of his life. Respected by his peers, he was living his dream. The war over, it should have been easy. He believed he could 'live on both sides of the fence' and be part of Australia's emerging commercial airline industry. He had, after all, broken through the 'black ceiling' once before. Above all, he just wanted to fly. Instead, he became a missing man in Australia's wartime flying history. Peter Rees rights that wrong in this powerful, compelling and at times tragic examination of Len Water's life. He also tells us something of ourselves that we need to hear.

11:27am Feb 25, 2021 . Tweet; Facebook; Mail; A human bone found on ... Very large text size A woman, aged in her late 20s, has died and a man has gone missing during a late-night swim on the Gold Coast.

Daughter Millie is pleased to see him, unlike his wing commander father, who regards him as a deserter and coward. THE MISSING MAN | Available now: Subscribe and follow us: The missing man formation is an aerial salute performed as part of a flypast of aircraft at a funeral or memorial event, typically in memory of a fallen pilot, a well-known military service member or veteran, or a well-known political figure. Description.