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Garrett, Paul Michael
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Drawing on a range of theorists and competing perspectives, this substantially updated and expanded second edition places social theory at the heart of social work pedagogy.This book imaginatively explores ways in which practitioners and social work educators might develop more critical and radical ways of theorising and working. It is an invaluable resource for students and contains features such as Reflection Boxes and Talk Boxes to encourage classroom and workplace discussions.This new edition includes: ·An extensive additional chapter on Foucault·Reworked and expanded versions of the chapters featured in the highly-praised first edition ·Revised Reflection and Talk Boxes ·New and updated references to stimulate further reading and research

32 ... At its core, social work focuses on "person-in-environment" (PIE) theory. This considers clients within their psychosocial contexts, and it connects to micro, mezzo, and macro levels of social work practice.

Systems theories focus on the interrelationships of elements in nature ... As a social worker, studying different social work theories and social work practice models can help to bring you closer to your clients — equipping you with actionable insights that inform empathetic, evidence-based service. Inspired by the scientific method, social work theories uncover the why of human behavior, while social work practice models reveal how you can effect change for ... Systems theory draws the social worker's attention to the various systems within which an individual functions—groups, organizations, societies, and so forth—in order to help intervene at multiple stages in an individual's life.