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Deborah Challinor
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A captivating story of family and friendship through one decade of incredible change, from NZ's no.1 bestselling author. In 1950s Auckland things are changing - and fast. Women are joining the workforce in numbers, whitegoods are readily available and the age of rock'n' roll has arrived. Allie Manaia works the Elizabeth Arden counter at Smith and Caughey's. It's been two years since the Dunbar and Jones fire, where some of her friends perished, but she still has nightmares. Kathleen Lawson -- rich, lonely and bored -- is one of Allie's customers. Kathleen takes a shine to Allie, but when Kathleen discovers Allie's husband is Maori, her attitude changes. Is she trying to make friends or poison the relationship between Sonny and Allie? Meanwhile, Sonny's beautiful younger sister, Polly, is embracing the more relaxed moral standards of the era, living a vibrant but wayward life as a waitress-model-goodtime girl while leaving her young daughter to be raised by her mother. As each woman navigates the shifting social and cultural landscape of the 1950s, she is faced with new possibilities and decisions - with freedom comes joy, but also fear and, occasionally, mistakes. Told in Deborah Challinor's trademark style - equal parts heart and humour - From the Ashes follows the fortunes of the women of three families through one decade of incredible change. Praise for Deborah Challinor: 'Challinor is a good storyteller ... seamlessly joining fact and fiction and creating a convincing, atmospheric yarn' Bookseller + Publisher 'The perfect blend of fact and fiction' New Zealand Herald

A reference to the mythical phoenix, a bird that in many stories bursts into flames upon its death, being born again among the ashes. From the Ashes is a remarkable memoir about hope and resilience, and a revelatory look into the life of a Métis-Cree man who refused to give up. Abandoned by his parents as a toddler, Jesse Thistle briefly found himself in the foster-care system with his two brothers, cut off from all they had known. From the Ashes: Australia Re-imagined *Speakers: Nicole Hashim (N), Dale Nimmo (D), Petra Buergelt (P), Barbara Norman (B) *Date: 19/06/2020.

Janet Howie; 22 Feb 2021, 6 p.m. WATCH Our Towns, Our People: reflecting on black summer when fire ... From the Ashes.