Gently with Passion

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Mr Alan Hunter
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Willows, waterlilies, gliding sailboats . . . the Norfolk Broads insummer seem the perfect place for novelist Stella Rushton to recover herequilibrium after being agonisingly and humiliatingly jilted. Anaquaintance, the elegant, musical-comedy writer Simon, who has a housefull of visiting theatre folk, lends Stella his riverside cottage and aboat; but it is Keith, one of Simon's house-guests, who best restoresStella's shattered pride.Keith, young, vulnerable and awkward,falls instantly in love with Stella, watching her with tongue-tiedyearnings as their boat skims up the sunlit Broad, and swimming alonedown the dark waters to catch a glimpse of her at midnight. Stellaremains cool and amused, but Keith's uncontrollable passion is a balm toher wounded heart.Her detachment, however, is brought to anappaling end when a tragedy occurs on the Broad. It is compounded by therealisation soon afterwards that what happened was not a accident.AsStella, horrified, comes reluctantly to suspect the one person shelikes, she has no one to turn to for advice but the big, quiet, pipesmoking man who sits fishing on a houseboat moored nearby. ChiefSuperintendent George Gently, though on holiday and incognito, findsonce again that crime seeks him out . . .

The novels were written by the English author Alan Hunter and were published between the years 1955 and 1999. All the novels of the series are based on the main protagonist, Inspector George Gently and are set in the town of East Anglia ... Gently with Passion - Ebook written by Alan Hunter.

3.3 • 3 Ratings; $3.99; $3.99; Publisher Description. Willows, waterlilies, gliding sailboats .