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A first hand look at the way Combat Search And Rescue was conducted when it really came into its own during the Vietnam War, as seen through the eyes of a fixed-wing pilot who volunteered for the job of employing and supporting the Jolly Green helicopters in their efforts. And since not every day resulted in a shoot down of friendly aircrews, a look at how the rest of the one year tour of duty was occupied when rescues were not imminent, plus some of the more entertaining diversions pilots can conjure up when allowed to exercise their innate talents for such. Because of the mission, manning and reputation of the 602nd Fighter Squadron (Commando), the fixed wing portion of the Rescue Force that went after downed aircrews in Southeast Asia, the author volunteered to join and served with that unit from June 1968 to June 1969. Six months after completing his tour and returning stateside he retired from Active Duty to the family cattle ranch where his wife and children stayed during his combat tour. His youngest son insisted that he write of his experiences during that tour and this book is the result that evolved over the years. The author lives in Northern Oklahoma with his wife of 65 years, and is doing research for another, unrelated book.

It differs because while Nature is a practical enemy in a sea rescue, there are no armed and determined personnel intending to stop that rescue. Combat Search and Rescue: Restoring Promise to a Sacred Assurance @inproceedings{Losacker2017CombatSA, title={Combat Search and Rescue: Restoring Promise to a Sacred Assurance}, author={Brandon T Losacker}, year={2017} } Brandon T Losacker; Published 2017; Political Science; viii Save to Library.

66th Rescue Squadron. Stationed ... Most military personnel recovery activities fall under what the Department of Defense calls "combat search and rescue," or CSAR.