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Rick Stein
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"My family's favourite TV chef (he's done more to teach my childrentocook than I have)... [he] has a knack for pulling together thedishes that best sum upcountries and regions." Diana Henry, The 20 best cookbooks to buy this autumnOFM Food Personality of the Year 2017Rick Stein brings his unrivalled enthusiasm and trusted expertise to the fresh, flavourful food of Mexico and California. No one better captures the food essence of a country and brings the best recipes into our kitchens like Rick.Starting in San Francisco and Baja California, and working his way down to the southernmost tip of Mexico, Rick Stein cooks, eats and experiences Mexican food at its very best and most diverse.Whetherit's the farmers' markets of California, full of sourdough bread, newseason garlic and a profusion of citrus fruit; the prawns, snapper andtunaof the Pacific or the glorious street food and colourful markets ofMexico with their avocados, chillies, tomatillos, cheese and corn, thisis a part of the world packed with natural, healthy and satisfyingingredients.ShowcasingRick's authentic style, with recipes like Ensenada Fish Tacos withChilli, Deep Fried Coconut Prawns and Slow Cooked Pork Tacos, thiscookbook will encourage anyone to try outthe bold food of these sunshine states.

The heart of our restaurant is a seafood bar where the chefs assemble ... Rick Stein has also elaborated that it was difficult for her to be angry at someone who had just killed themselves. Stein is the father of three children.

Fish, flia, picnics and pies: Rick Stein eats the best of the Byzantine. From a traditional Albanian ... Christopher Richard "Rick" Stein, CBE (born 4 January 1947) is an English celebrity chef, restaurateur and television presenter.