Wisdom of the Ancients

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Neil Oliver
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THE PERFECT READ FOR TROUBLED TIMES From the bestselling author of The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places comes this inspiring and bea****utifully written meditation on the wisdom inherited from our ancestors. For all we have gained in the modern world, simple peace of mind is hard to find. In a time that is increasingly fraught with complexity and conflict, we are told that our wellbeing relies on remaining as present as possible. But what if the key to being present lies in the past? In Wisdom of the Ancients, Neil Oliver takes us back in time, to grab hold of the ideas buried in forgotten cultures and early civilizations. From Laetoli footprints in Tanzania to Keralan rituals, stone circles and cave paintings, Oliver takes us on a global journey through antiquity. A master storyteller, drawing on immense knowledge of our ancient past, he distils this wisdom into twelve messages that have endured the test of time, and invites us to consider how these might apply to our lives today. The result is powerful and inspirational, moving and profound.

Around 304 BC, a merchant named Zeno was shipwrecked on a trading voyage. Since then, Stoicism has been a source of guidance, wisdom and practical advice for millions. This comic refers to a common experience that those trying to solve tech problems have.

Chapter VIII - Endymion, or a Favourite. ANCIENT WISDOM A Master Grimoire of Oils, Herbs and Incenses: Their. Magickal Uses and Formulas ...