Cops, Drugs, Lawyer X and Me

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Paul Dale, Vikki Petraitis
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'How did a kid from the country who dreamed of joining the Victoria Police, end up on the wrong side of the bars? There are a lot of reasons, and I hope this story will help clarify some of them, not only for you, the reader, but for me too, because a lot of the time I am left shaking my head, wondering how things went so wrong.'Paul Dale knows he is tainted. After almost fifteen years as a cop, working in Homicide and rising to the rank of Detective Sergeant in the Victorian Drug Squad, he had seen the worst of what people can do. But when he was accused and jailed firstly for drug offences and then for murder, Dale realised the murky world he was navigating was going to take him under too.In the Major Drug Investigative Division, Dale dealt with crims like Carl Williams, Terry Hodson and Tommy Ivanovic in the underbelly of Melbourne streets. But when a burglary ended in Hodson's arrest, Dale's life started to unravel. He turned to Nicola Gobbo, a lawyer and friend he thought could help: the lawyer who became known as Lawyer X.Eventually exonerated of any crimes, Paul Dale's story reveals the shocking deals done at the highest levels of the Victorian Police Force and the damage wrought by Victoria Police's use of Lawyer X.

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Posted by traralgonbooks 20th Feb 2020 Posted in Uncategorized. The astonishing true story of a cop who found himself enmeshed in the biggest scandal in the history of Victoria Police.