Proof of Innocence/Mission to Protect

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Lenora Worth, Terri Reed
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The Ranger's Reunion Threat - Lara Lacombe Can two exes survive long enough to have a second chance at love? Wyatt Spalding was the first man Isabel Cruz ever loved. She figured moving away cured her of her passion for him, but now that she's back home, she knows better. And Isabel needs Wyatt's help to find out who's threatening her and her family. Sparks from their past and present fly as they investigate, but Isabel and Wyatt must take down a murderous monster to save the Cruz clan. Deadly Texas Summer - Colleen Thompson **Someone murdered her coworker...**is she the next target? When her assistant's death is ruled a suicide, wildlife biologist Emma Copley knows the authorities got it wrong. The killer is still out there, threatening Emma's work and her life. Launching her own investigation, Emma turns to Beau Kingston, who'll do anything to protect her - even resist their growing attraction. But the handsome rancher has secrets of his own, secrets that could cost them everything... Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense - Discover these stories of true-to-life women in extraordinary circumstances who are rescued by the powerful heroes of their dreams.

Under the presumption of innocence, the legal burden of proof is thus on the ... For more than 25 years the Innocence Project has been ... an organization that was founded in 1876 to protect the rights of German immigrants who could not afford a lawyer.

It can also refer to an event that causes a positive effect in society, such as child ... Innocence Mission - Glow - CD Karen Peris is a vocal ringer for Natalie Merchant (though there's also the faintest hint of Bjork in her delivery), and the band is unfailingly tuneful in acoustic guitar-piano mode.