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Wedding Words Find the perfect words for every part of your Wedding Ceremony. Wedding Words includes numerous ceremony samples for a 'Do it Yourself Wedding Ceremony'. Whatever style you're aiming at - traditional, contemporary, spiritual or ritualistic - you'll find the perfect words in 'Wedding Words'. Enjoy the feeling of being in control as you customise you own Wedding Ceremony. Some of the essential information and explanation for your personal Wedding Ceremony include: * Wedding Vows for different settings and situations * Wedding Ring Ceremony, including washing and blessing of the rings * Readings, Poems and Blessings suitable to expand and * Rituals including sand ceremony, wine sharing, rose ceremony, tree planting and others * A list of music for different sections of your Wedding Ceremony including the processional, recessional and backing for such rituals as Lighting a Unity Candle * Complete wording for every part of your wedding ceremony * Examples of Wedding Ceremonies In compiling your Wedding Ceremony you can use the words you'll find in the book, or edit to suit your particular situation or need, or use them as an inspiration to create a Wedding Ceremony all your own.

Happy wedding day! Wishing you happiness for many, many years. Wishing you all the very best of happiness and long life ... A Few Wedding Words that Start with 'Z' 1.

Ceremony. Sure, weddings can feel like a day-long party, but the most-loved moments happen in the wedding ceremony.