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Calle J. Brookes
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? ? ? ? ? HE HAS BEEN HURT TOO MANY TIMES. ? ? ? ? ? Billionaire Davis Lucas came from nothing. A street kid who clawed and scraped his way through life, Luc could now say he has everything. Except for the baby sister he'd lost years ago. She was his only real family. He's never stopped searching. When he finds her working for the FBI at the St. Louis PAVAD division, there is nothing he won't do to protect her. From his enemies—or her own. Someone out there knows everything about Luc. And they will use that information against him however they can. Luc has no intention of letting them win. Not now that the stakes are too high. No one will ever hurt his sister again. ? HIS SECRET IS DISCOVERED BY HIS SISTERS' BEST FRIEND... ? Dr. Payton Asher is the kind of woman only a worthy man dreams about. She is good, innocent, and beautiful. And one of his sister's best friends. She has no business showing up at his home well past the time good girls should be in bed... As the shy Payton confronts him, he realizes the truth: he wouldn't mind having her in his bed at all. And damn the consequences. ? HE MEANS TROUBLE. ? Payton knows better than to fall for a man like Luc. That way just means trouble she is nowhere near prepared for. Their worlds would never collide. Then Payton stumbles right into Luc's darkest secret, leaving him no choice but to protect her at any cost. Even if the greatest cost is to his heart... ? ? ? ? ?Don't miss other PAVAD titles: Beginning, Waiting, Watching, Wanting, Second Chances, Hunting, Redeeming, Running, Revealing, Stalking, Ghosting, Burning, Gathering, Falling, Hiding & Seeking. ? ? ? ? ?

Times, Sunday Times (2010) Directed by Brian Barnes. With Robert Blackwood, Robert Coren, Ryan Wichert, Tracey Ann Wood.

I hope they will receive my comments below in the same spirit of charitable engagement with which I received theirs. Nathan Pinkoski is absolutely correct to identify a tension in my own thinking over the state of our liberal democracy.