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Calle J. Brookes
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? ? ? ? ? HER BROTHER WAS JUST GONE. ? ? ? ? ? She has waited fifteen years for answers. This Is her best chance to find them. Someone has sent PAVAD agent Leina Howell photos of a man she believes to be her missing twin brother, drawing her back to the small town she's always hated. She's in town less than a day before someone makes it clear she isn't welcome. When she wakes up in the hospital, Leina isn't alone. There's a tall, blond, handsome FBI agent standing next to her, willing to help her in her quest. All he asks is that she trust him. Well, trust isn't so easy for Leina now. But now she has her own personal guard dog ready to defend her against any threat. ? HE WAS THERE TO PROTECT. ? Agent Ken Chalmers, head of the Complex Crimes Unit Team Four, always pays his debts. Leina Howell is one of them. Someone doesn't want Leina finding the answers about what really happened fifteen years ago, and they're willing to kill to see that she doesn't. As Ken helps her delve into the past, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Evalyn, Nebraska has its fair share of evil. And it's coming for Leina. Unless Ken can stop it before Leina is the next to disappear... ? ? ? ? ?Don't miss other PAVAD titles: Beginning, Waiting, Watching, Wanting, Second Chances, Hunting, Redeeming, Running, Revealing, Stalking, Ghosting, Burning, Gathering, Falling, Hiding & Seeking. ? ? ? ? ?

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