The Galactic Crusade

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Pablo Andres Wunderlich Padilla
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What started as a battle to defend freedom from a totalitarian regime will evolve into a full-fledged crusade to purge the galaxy. Argo Herrero will flee from the claws of the totalitarian regime known as Megaschine, to join the immigrant army of the ÆTAS. He will survive being cannon fodder to become a high ranking officer. He will then become the javelin that will lead the purge of a whole galaxy. The Galactic Crusade Trilogy will deliver emotional turmoil, twists after twists, uncertainty, jealousy, fear, heartache, and finally a dogged determination to go down fighting, to finally outwit the enemy. Includes: The First Private The Last Commander The Fallen Ronin

This forum will tell you when the RPG takes place and current events. This section will change through the rpg as events unfold changing the course of history.

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