Contract with a SEAL

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Kate Aster
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Some contracts are meant to be broken...Desperate to shake herself free from the humiliation of a very public divorce, TV financial correspondent Vi Owens makes a deal with a Navy SEAL Commander who can wipe her slate clean:One date in the public eye. One night of unrivaled temptation. No strings attached.Just weeks before he deploys, Captain Joe Shey can't resist the intriguing offer from the sister-in-law of a fellow SEAL. As Commander of the Teams in Little Creek, however, there's something he'll need in return... something that makes Vi realize she's struck a deal with a man she can't resist.But when tragedy strikes and a life is shattered, Vi and the hardened SEAL might discover a depth of passion they never knew existed...

It is a formal contract that doesn't require the element of consideration and has a seal of the signer attached to it. A sealed contract itself must be in writing.

The seal usually contains the company's Australian Company Number (ACN) and the company's registered name. Large companies may use a common seal if signing major contracts or contracts with overseas parties. Though the Contract Seal removes the summoner's ability to control its summon, it does not give the user of the fūinjutsu the ability to control the summon in turn.