Your Three-Year-Old

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Louise Bates Ames, Frances L. Ilg
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A three-year-old is a real puzzle to parents, sometimes anxious to please and befriend, sometimes strong-willed and difficult to get along with. At the heart of the three-year-old's personality is often an emotional insecurity—and this causes a host of problems for parents! Drs. Ames and Ilg, recognized authorities on child behavior and development, help parents understand what's going on inside that three-year-old head, what problems children have, and how to cope with the toddler who is sometimes friend, sometimes enemy. Included in this book: • Jealousy of a new sibling • Toilet training • How to improve a child's eating habits • Friendships with peers • Common fears • Developing language skills • Nursery school • Books for parents and three-year-olds "Louise Bates Ames and her colleagues synthesize a lifetime of observation of children, consultation, and discussion with parents. These books will help parents to better understand their children and will guide them through the fascinating and sometimes trying experiences of modern parenthood."—Donald J. Cohen, M.D., Director, Yale Child Study Center, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Yale School of Medicine

Your ... At around age 3, children's imaginations and language skills seem to get supercharged. They're figuring out all kinds of words, making up stories and play activities, and learning to build... Give your child your full attention in frequent, small doses: If your 3-year-old is pulling your cell phone out of your hands, banging on your keyboard while you type, or knocking over all your piles of laundry, this one is for you.

Top tips for a successful party. Once one three-year-old mentions a ... Your child's growing world now includes everything from time in the dentist's chair to playdates with friends — and maybe even preschool.