He Started It!

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Danny Zuker, Paul Slansky
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In 2013, Donald Trump got involved in his first sustained Twitter War. Unfortunately for Trump, in this endeavor as in so very many others, he was not up to the task. If you’re someone with no discernible sense of humor – someone for whom ridicule is like Kryptonite – a professional comedy writer would not be an ideal opponent with whom to engage. He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump is the complete record (with commentary) of Donald Trump’s hilarious three-month-long delusion that he was outwitting Danny Zuker (Modern Family, Just Shoot Me, Roseanne). Introduction by Paul Slansky.A PERCENTAGE OF EACH SALE GOES TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD, RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND.

Usually said in or associated with childish arguments or fights. A: "Stop it you two! He Started It! admin Devotions 05/03/2021 | 0.

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