Corn-Farm Boy

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Lois Lenski
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An Iowa farm boy longs to quit school and join his dad working the land Dick comes home from school early and tells his mother he was sent home with a stomachache. She puts him to bed and tells him to get some sleep, but Dick can't shut his eyes for a second. All his life he's wanted to be a farmer-to quit school and join his father and brother driving tractors across their sprawling property-and today is his chance. His father is getting a 2nd tractor, and he'll need Dick to drive it. Dick is certain that there's nothing on the farm that he can't handle. But when he gets a taste of farmer's work, will he be so sure it's the life for him? This charming novel offers a detailed look at life on a farm and a snapshot of a time when a boy could quit school to work in the fields.

Title Page Image (First Printing) Corn-Farm Boy (1954) is an example of one of Lenski's American Regional books. The idea of writing a story about children on a corn farm was brought to her by a teacher, Celeste Frank, and her students.

Originally, Lenski wasn't certain about if she would be able to write a book about a corn farm. She ... Corn-Farm Boy truly is a beautiful depiction of what life was like for a child growing up on a farm in the Midwest in the 1950s.