Speaking With Skill

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Dudley Knight
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Actors and other professional voice users need to speak clearly and expressively in order to communicate the ideas and emotions of their characters - and themselves. Whatever the native accent of the speaker, this easy communication to the listener must always happen in every moment, onstage, in film or on television; in real life too. This book, an introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork, gives speakers the ownership of a vast variety of speech skills and the ability to explore unlimited varieties of speech actions - without imposing a single, unvarying pattern of "good speech". The skills gained through this book enable actors to find the unique way in which a dramatic character embodies the language of the play. They also help any speaker to communicate to a listener with total intelligibility without compromising the speaker's own accent; and to vary speech actions to meet different language needs. Supporting audio provides 116 tracks illustrating the exercises described in the book.

I created a blog in which you can download ready to use print activities based on NetFlix movies. https://netflixesl.blogspot.com.br/ The idea is ... This skill is all about how to communicate effectively with others, being mindful of whether they are talking to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders and in different settings.

For example, the language you use when speaking to a friend is different from the one you use ... To become a better spinner, four language skills such as listening, talking, reading, and writing skills, but with the ability to speak efficiently, speak to the speaker with a variety of advantages. The ability to express ideas, opinions, and feelings, as well as sound words together, offers the speakers these benefits. Speaking is a fundamental language skill.