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Andrew Kaplan
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This supercharged thriller from master storyteller Andrew Kaplan introduces the Scorpion, the CIA's top agent in the Middle East, and launches the bestselling espionage series Kelly Ormont sprints down the narrow streets of Paris. When a car pulls up and a man points a gun at her, life as she knows it is over. Within days, this beautiful congressman's daughter will be in the Middle East, where some of the wealthiest men in the world will bid to make her their slave. Only the Scorpion can save her now. An American raised among the Bedouin, the Scorpion is the CIA's top agent in the Arabian peninsula. To save Kelly, he slips into the sinister underworld of human trafficking, where the kidnapped girl's trail leads him to a Saudi prince with fanatical global ambitions. When the Scorpion discovers a link between the prince and the Russians, Kelly will not be the only person who needs a savior.

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