Where the River Runs

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Fleur McDonald
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'Fleur McDonald has a wonderful way with telling rural stories in a special way ... A great summer read.' Samstillreading on Suddenly One SummerTen years ago, thirty-year-old Chelsea Taylor left the small country town of Barker and her family's property to rise to the top as a concert pianist. With talent, ambition and a determination to show them all at home, Chelsea thought she had it made.Yet here she was, back in Barker, with her four-year-old daughter, Aria, readying herself to face her father, Tom. The father who'd shouted down the phone ten years ago never to come home again. With an uneasy truce developing, Chelsea and Aria settle into the rhythm of life on the land with Tom and Cal, the farmhand, who seems already to have judged Chelsea badly. Until a shocking discovery is made on the riverbed and Detective Dave Burrows, the local copper, has to tear back generations of family stories to reveal the secrets of the past. Chelsea just wants a relationship with her dad but will he ever want that too? Or will his memory lapses mean they'll never get that opportunity?Praise for Fleur McDonald 'Drawing on her own experiences with rural Australia, Fleur has used these skills to weave a moving tale.' Highlife Magazine'A rural novel of courage, family and survival ... McDonald weaves the varying threads together strongly.' Aussie Reviews

(Feeling philosophical as a ... Die sonnigen Jungs von THE FAIM haben uns besucht und singen für euch ihren Song Where The River Runs als unplugged-Version.[ INFOS ZU THE FAIM ]THE FAIM ist... When the river runs dry You will return to the scene of the crime When the river runs dry Salvation will rain on you one more time When the river runs.. dry Good news for beautiful people Watching the world go by Make love in the middle of a war zone All of God's children Never gonna die You will return to the scene of the crime When the river ... Where the River Runs Lyrics: When I was young maybe 7 or 8 years old / Looking for you Dad it's getting so late and cold / And you still hadn't come home / Mum was yelling at you said you couldn't ... With Sigrid Thornton, John Waters, Darius Perkins, John Alansu.

An eldorado for fishing, hiking and more. Where the Wild River runs.