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This is the must-have book for parents of young people who want to keep their children safe, whole and happy.Collett Smart is a psychologist, teacher, lecturer, writer - and a mum of three. She knows professionally and personally that it is crucial for parents to address difficult yet fundamentally important topics with their children - and this book tells them why and how.Parents who feel like they just don't know how to talk to their children about some of the most difficult topics facing today's young people - pornography, misogyny and harassment, objectification and body image - will have all the tools they need after they read this book. And it's not just the difficult subjects: Collett also looks at emotional intelligence, empathy, respect and manners.Contents including helping kids flourish; how to have healthy conversations to build strong relationships strong; and tips for a firm foundation are covered in 15 age appropriate conversations:Conversation #1 - Body safety: "You are the boss of your body." Conversation #2 - Emotional Intelligence: "People are more than just happy or sad." Conversation #3 - Love Education: "Love is a beautiful thing. Yes, break-ups are hard."Conversation #4 - Choices: "Every choice has a consequence." Conversation #5 - Body Image: "What do you think about selfies, self-objectification, and self-worth?" Conversation #6 - Unconditional love: "I will love you, no matter what!"Raising love-ABLE children Conversation #7 - Respect: "We believe in mutual rights and mutual respect."Conversations #8 - Media Messages: "What do you think we can learn from media?"Conversation #9 - Objectification: "Love people, use things." Conversation #10 - Sex Education: "It's time we talked about sex and consent."Conversation #11 - The hook up myth: "Not everyone is hooking up or having casual sex." Conversation #12 - Misogyny and Harassment:" Rape 'jokes' are never funny." Conversation #13 - Pornography: "We need to talk about porn as a script." Conversation #14 -Manners and helping: "Thank you" and "Can I help?" vs "I want..." Conversation #15 - Empathy: "Spread kindness like confetti."

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