Inguinal Hernia Healing

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Christopher K. Johannes
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This ebook is a healing and self-care guide for those with a reversible (reducible) inguinal hernia who have opted for non-surgical, "watchful waiting", and self-managed lifestyle options of care. While "watchful waiting" (forgoing or delaying surgery) is a front-line physician-recommended mainstream alternative to surgical repair, most patients remain poorly educated about self-managed hernia healing methods or optimal self-care during the watchful waiting period. Toward the goal of successful hernia reduction, reversal ("cure" in the layman's sense), or favorable management, this ebook offers such healing and self-care methods, including recommendations for self-monitoring, sleep, diet, exercise (and posture), mental and emotional, support, energy based, and other lifestyle measures. Included are links to numerous resources such as tutorial videos, articles, organizations, belts, self-management forms (e.g. self-monitoring, goals, motivation, mindfulness, action planning), and information on current evidence-based hernia care. The material can also be used to individualize a self-care regimen in collaboration with a primary health care provider.

They really work to tighten up the transverse abs. Maybe the Stem Kine was the missing link I need for the healing of my Inguinal Hernia. I have had this hernia for about 7 years now.

Open inguinal /groin hernia surgery should ideally be avoided due to some of the risks and complications involved; like chronic groin pain. Inguinal hernia repair is common. It accounts for about 800,000 surgeries performed in the U.S.