The Sixth Extinction & The First Three Weeks & The Squads First Three Weeks & The Sixth Extinction America & The Seven Seeds of the Gods. Bonus book

The Sixth Extinction & The First Three Weeks & The Squads First Three Weeks & The Sixth Extinction America & The Seven Seeds of the Gods. Bonus book - Glen Johnson | PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on


Glen Johnson
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The Sixth Extinction & The First Three Weeks & The Squads First Three Weeks & The Sixth Extinction America & The Seven Seeds of the Gods. Bonus book.pdf


***On offer for a short time only*** (2486 pages. Over 440,000 words) Outbreak Ruin Infested The Ark Noah's Story Red's Story Betty and Lennie's Story Doctor Lazaro's Story Echo's Story Coco's Story The Black Spores False Hope The Pods The Long Road No Turning Back A Friend in Need All Aboard New Hope Keep Running Don't Look Back Resurrection Alliance The Seven Seeds of the Gods - Ancient Egypt BONUS BOOK Lamb Chops and Chainsaws Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION (Books 1 to 4) The Sixth Extinction is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic that sweeps the globe, decimating the human race, leaving humanity struggling to survive. Within three weeks everything has changed. Social structure has collapsed. The police are non-existent, and the army concentrates on the cities. Gangs of yobs rule the streets. It becomes everyone for themselves. The story follows three main characters, Noah, Red and Doctor Melanie Lazaro, as well as Betty and her simpleminded grandson, and a Squad of military personnel. It follows all their journeys of self-discovery through the changing world. Noah Morgan is just an average twenty-one-year-old. He has no aspirations in life, no girlfriend, few friends, and a dead-end job. Red is a nineteen-year-old female runaway, with a sad past and a disturbing secret. Together they leave behind everything they have ever known, looking for a safe haven. Betty and her grandson Lennie are just trying to stay alive, and find somewhere safe to hide while they try to make sense of all the madness around them. The Squad is a small group of military personnel who are trying to get back to the safety of their large base - a base that holds a secret. Doctor Melanie Lazaro is working around the clock, under military supervision, in Exeter University's Biomedical Sciences Department, trying to create a cure for the new pandemic that is turning humans back to their primordial roots, creating mindless killing machines with only one purpose ? to eat. The four-part series is a fast-paced story, all set within a twenty-four-hour time frame. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: THE FIRST THREE WEEKS (Books 1 to 4) The four-part series is a prelude to The Sixth Extinction series. We get to see what happened within the first three weeks of the outbreak from the point of view of the five main characters. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: THE SQUADS FIRST THREE WEEKS (Books 1 and 2) The Sixth Extinction continues with two short prelude stories about the main military characters. We get to follow Echo and Coco. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: AMERICA (Books 1 to 12) We cross the ocean to America to see how they are coping with the infection. The Story follows a group of fourteen strangers, who lived in an apartment building in the Fordham Heights area of New York City; they decide to band together, seeking shelter in a shipping container, on the back of a truck heading towards Pennsylvania. Along the way, they run into other groups who will do anything to survive. There is a group of military misfits who run a small town that forces other survivors into slavery. Also a collection of mostly females that travel a river on a boat, collecting survivors and taking them to a safe haven - which goes drastically wrong. They have to navigate the perils of the infected, and the surviving humans, to reach safety. Every step of the way is fraught with danger and treachery. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: THE SEVEN SEEDS OF THE GODS - Ancient Egypt (One book) How did the Ancient Egyptians react when they stumbled upon one of the original pods? PLUS A BONUS BOOK Nine short horror stories with a twist - Lamb Chops and Chainsaws.

$0.99; $0.99; Publisher Description. This is the first in a collection of seven SHORT stories.

Bonus book: Lamb Chops and Chainsaws. Omnibus: Books 1 to 24" by Glen Johnson available from Rakuten Kobo.