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Miles Franklin
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All That Swagger has been acclaimed by pundits as one of the best Australian books yet composed. The story develops from the center outwards from one who feels the enchantment of Australia. The characters are established in the dirt, the woodland, as the early pioneers were. One subject anxieties character - that backbone of direction, hardihood boldness, honesty, which should perpetually be the establishment of any stable and moral State or condition of society. It introduces the courageous independence with which the extraordinary Australian landmass has been investigated, studied, fenced, cleared, furrowed, and is presently monitored by a virile people. Here is an immense canvas, State-wide, and as long as history itself - to the extent that it contains the depiction of life and improvement in this station of the British Empire. Aptitude and condition have productively consolidated in the generation. The author moves living pieces on the squares of a mammoth chessboard, and she plays the game such that shows obviously that she comprehends the gambit of life and every one of its varieties. All That Swagger is all Australian in each word. Just an Australian could have composed it.

It covers 100 years from the 1830s, a period when young men and women chose to leave their homes in Europe to make a life for themselves in what they understood to be the empty land of Australia. Although most of these were published under the pseudonym "Brent of Bin Bin," her masterpiece All That Swagger (1936) - a family chronicle novel packed with memorable characters - was published under her own name. The story uses a lot of Irish vernacular.

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