The Clue of the New Pin

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Edgar Wallace
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In this 1923 mystery by Edgar Wallace, Jesse Trasmere is thrifty and does not trust banks, so he keeps all of his money in his prison-like house. Although his nephew, Rex Lander, receives a generous allowance from his uncle, it is not enough for his extravagant lifestyle. Trasmere breaks with routine and informs his valet, Walters, that he is going out of town for a while to avoid an acquaintance from his past. One day he turns up dead, in a completely locked vault, the only clue is a pin found at the scene of the crime... A newspaper reporter helps clear the prime suspect and reveal the identity of the true killer.

This film was filmed in British Phototone, a sound-on-disc system using 12-inch discs. In March 1929, Pin was trade-shown with The Crimson Circle made in the Phonofilm sound-on-film process.

With Paul Daneman, James Villiers, Katherine Woodville, Bernard Archard. TV journalist Tab Holland assists Scotland yard with the murder of a reclusive millionaire whose corpse is discovered locked in a vault.