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Vanessa Vale
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It's been ten years since Parker Drew and Gus Duke have seen each other, but it's like no time has passed. They were hot and heavy back then and the spark's still there now. But they're no longer fumbling kids and they know what they want... what they need. For Parker, that's giving up control to more than one guy. Gus is more than willing to deliver because he wants to share a woman with Kemp and Poe. One look and he knows that's Parker. All three big cowboys are going to give her everything she ever imagined... times three. Oh, she'll get so much more than just the tip. Remember: With a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin' hot series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

Tri tip (AKA triangle steak/roast or bottom sirloin steak) is taken from the whole rump. This cut is lean and similar i Tri-Tip is making the rounds in the BBQ world recently, and with good reason.

It's then grilled until nicely charred and rested for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.Recipe on Food & Wine Check the tri tip temperature - if you are within 10-15 degrees of your target, close the lid and let the tri tip continue cooking in the air fryer (it will stay very hot after air frying, don't let all the heat escape when measuring temp.) If tri tip is more than 20 degrees from your target temperature, cook additional 5-10 minutes. The tri-tip is the triangular section of the sirloin primal and comes from the point where the sirloin meets the round and flank primal.... which is exactly where the name comes from: Tri-Tip = Triangular = Three tips.