The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde: 250+ Titles in One Edition

The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde: 250+ Titles in One Edition - Oscar Wilde | PDF, TXT, FB2. EPUB. MOBI. The book was written on 2021. Look for a book on


Oscar Wilde
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Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited Oscar Wilde collection: Plays: Vera The Duchess of Padua Lady Windermere's Fan A Woman of No Importance Salome Salome (English Version) An Ideal Husband The Importance of Being Earnest La Sainte Courtisane A Florentine Tragedy For Love of the King Novel: The Picture of Dorian Gray (The Original Version) The Picture of Dorian Gray (The Revised 20 Chapter Version) Short Stories: The Portrait of Mr. W. H. The Happy Prince and Other Tales: The Happy Prince The Nightingale and the Rose The Devoted Friend The Selfish Giant The Remarkable Rocket A House of Pomegranates: The Young King The Birthday of the Infanta The Fisherman and His Soul The Star-Child Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime The Canterville Ghost The Sphinx Without a Secret The Model Millionaire Poetry: Ravenna Helas! Eleutheria Sonnet to Liberty Ave Imperatrix Louis Napoleon. Quantum Mutata Libertatis Sacra Fames Theoretikos The Garden of Eros Rosa Mystica The Burden of Itys Wind Flowers Impression du Matin Magdalen Walks Athanasia Serenade Endymion La Bella Donna della Mia Mente Chanson Charmides Flowers of Gold The Sphinx The Ballad of Reading Gaol... Essays & Lectures: Intentions The Decay of Lying The Critic as Artist Pen, Pencil, and Poison The Truth of Masks The Rise of Historical Criticism The English Renaissance of Art House Decoration Art and the Handicraftsman Lecture to Art Students London Models Poems in Prose The Soul of Man under Socialism De Profundis Impressions of America... Literary Reviews: Dinners and Dishes A Modern Epic Shakespeare on Scenery A Bevy of Poets Parnassus versus Philology... Other Works: Aphorisms Des Grieux (Prelude to Teleny) Teleny Letters: Letters to the Daily Chronicle Children in Prison and Other Cruelties of Prison Life Letters on Dorian Gray Letters to Robert Ross Oscar Wilde, His life and Confessions - Biography by Frank Harris

The Sunflower edition of Wilde's works, one of 1000 numbered copies, this being number 250. Octavo, 15 volumes.

At ... Featuring the entirety of Oscar Wilde's collected poetry, prose, and dramatic works, this collection demonstrates the author's wide range, unerring wit, and unique perspective. Bringing together Wilde's most famous works, including The Picture of Dorian Gray , The Importance of Being Earnest , and Lady Windermere's Fan , this anthology is an important resource for any fan or student of ... Delphi has become my first choice when purchasing collected works of authors and their Oscar Wilde collection is one of several I have purchased from them.