The Girl in the Mirror

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Lumi Winterson
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Mental illness directly or indirectly effects everyone, and yet it makes the sufferer feel completely alone. I am speaking out, to tell my story, in hopes that others may find the courage to heal. I have been to hell and back, but I am strong enough now to speak up and to tear down the walls caused by stigma. Everyone deserves some happiness and understanding, which I hope you will find within this book.

Ramirez is a great storyteller, and fans of supernatural suspense are sure to enjoy this read. Bestselling author Cathy Glass returns with her first novel. The Girl in the Mirror is a moving and gripping story of a young woman who tries to piece together her past and uncovers a dreadful family secret that has been buried and forgotten. She's the girl in the mirror The girl in the glass She wants to get out But all she does is put on a pout She taps on the glass Hoping someone will pass She's sick of waiting And sick of baiting She's the girl in the mirror The girl in the glass She's the girl in the mirror The girl in the glass She sits alone And all she does is moan She yells for help But it sounds more of a yelp She hates ... Girl In the Mirror.The Lincoln Project Who is the jumping girl in the 'Mirror' tv commercial? Q.

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