The Girl in the Mirror

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Lumi Winterson
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Mental illness directly or indirectly effects everyone, and yet it makes the sufferer feel completely alone. I am speaking out, to tell my story, in hopes that others may find the courage to heal. I have been to hell and back, but I am strong enough now to speak up and to tear down the walls caused by stigma. Everyone deserves some happiness and understanding, which I hope you will find within this book.

Writer(s): Jonas Jeberg, Neil Richard Ormandy, Ingrid Andress. AZLyrics.

But she has long since lost touch with the rest of her family, and Mandy returns as a virtual stranger. As memories come back to her, Mandy begins to remember why events brought a sudden end to her visits. From newcomer Rose Carlyle comes THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR, a creepy and suspenseful domestic thriller about eerily close twins, a million-dollar fortune and one life-changing lie.