The Dairy Farmer's Daughter

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Sarah Williams
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In the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland there is a vibrant community of farmers, artists and passionate people all trying to live the best lives they can. Love doesn't always come easily but it is always worth fighting for. Justin Wheeler is not a country boy. He could have been, if his mother had stayed married to his father and not moved back to the city when he was only a toddler. But now that his estranged father is dead and he has inherited the dairy farm, Justin finds himself considering if the life he is living is actually the life he wants. Family means everything to Freya Montgomery. She loves living on the land and helping to grow the family business. She knows how important agriculture is to their small hinterland community, so when Justin arrives in town and is offered a generous price from a housing developer to buy his property, Freya must convince him not to accept the deal and instead lease the land to her family. Will Justin choose riches over his heritage or will he find a love more valuable than all the money in the world? The Dairy Farmer's Daughter is the first in an exciting new small-town series called "Heart of the Hinterland" by Bestselling author, Sarah Williams.

As the next generation of farmers step up to feed the world, dairy farmers are relying on their sons and daughters to take over the family farm. While many children who grow up on the family dairy choose to leave and pursue other passions, two young ladies, Emily Bourdeau, 20, and Emily Mikel, 21, are returning to their roots ... Research: Ending Dairy Doesn't Significantly Reduce GHG Emissions - The Farmer's Daughter USA.

"I loved this book, I couldn't put it down, can't wait to get the next one." "I thoroughly enjoyed this book, was laughing and sometimes crying while reading. Sarah portrayed real life characters with a strong storyline, wonderful reading, I'm ... Farmer's Daughter, Wife, Mother, I hold many titles and hope to use this blog as an outlet for my passions.