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USA TODAY BESTSELLER • Make the breakthrough you need to get your relationship on target with this interactive guide—the perfect companion to Michael Todd's roadmap to finding lasting love, Relationship Goals. Wondering if you should break up? Feeling like you could break down? How about discovering a breakthrough in all your relationships and finding fulfillment like never before? This start-right-here study guide based on Michael Todd's Relationship Goals takes the targets you have for your relationships and adds the coaching you need to steady your aim. As you and your small group, friends, or significant other write, reflect, pray, listen, and discuss your way through this guide, you'll discover the practical tools and strategic space you need to move your relationships from "We're okay" to "We're better than ever." We're talking friendships, marriage, dating, even ideas for relating well to the person in the next cubicle. Because having strong relationships means having a strong purpose in life—and who doesn't want that? So set your eyes on the goals that will help you win in relationships.

Most people want to have love relationships. Relationship Goals to Make Love Stronger.

How to use this guide. Relationship goals are essential to improve your relationship! Find out what sort of goals you should have You could come up with goals like "study on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday", or The older person in the relationship can be a guide, teacher, or mentor. What he or she shouldn't be... Download Relationship Goals Study Guide ePUB by Michael Todd.