Worship Architect, The

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Constance M. Cherry
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There are many books available on the topic of worship today, but few provide a comprehensive, practical method for worship design. Constance M. Cherry, a worship professor and practitioner, provides worship leaders with credible blueprint plans for successfully designing worship services that foster meaningful conversation with God and the gathered community. Readers will learn how to create services that are faithful to Scripture, historically conscious, relevant to God, Christ-centered, and engaging for worshipers of all ages in the twenty-first century. The book sets forth basic principles concerning worship design and demonstrates how these principles are conducive to virtually any style of worship practiced today in a myriad of Christian communities. It will also work well as a guide for worship-planning teams in local churches and provide insight for worship students, pastors, and church leaders involved in congregational worship.

Jan 3, 2021 - Re-Thinking Sacred Space in the Contemporary World. See more ideas about architecture, religious architecture, modern architecture.

Cherry then offers worship leaders practical and responsible recommendations for discerning among the options they face. This is a most welcome book for a crucial time." Fashionable Worship Architect gear 🙂 Bookstore display testimonial at Baker Book Store (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Constance speaks at the Alleluia Conference sponsored by Baylor University (Waco, Texas) Constance preaches in chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, Indiana) Chinese Methodist pastors - Communion at the Singapore Conference.