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Murray Bail
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One of Australia's most respected and admired writers, Murray Bail's wry humour and haunting power are fully realised in these compelling stories. In the brilliant title story 'Camouflage' Eric Banerjee, an unassuming Adelaide piano tuner is sent north to contribute to Australia's war effort in 1942. His experiences unexpectedly become some of the happiest of his life. Accompanying it is one of Bail's masterly pieces of short fiction, 'The Seduction of My Sister', a weird and compelling account of sibling rivalry and love. Murray Bail's short stories have been published widely both in Australia and the UK and have also appeared in the New Yorker magazine. His much-loved novel Eucalyptus, was the winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize and The Miles Franklin Award. 'Both these stories are remarkable, in utterly different ways: they exhibit the restraint and license of a true literary master.' Peter Craven, Australian Book Review

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